Fix Error Code 1472, 1473 in Canon G3000 Series

Fix Error Code 1472, 1473 in Canon G3000 Series

PIXMA G3000 Series printers may encounter error codes related to any internal issue. Today we’ll discuss the two most common error codes – 1472 and 1473. These error codes are the result of problems in the Print head cartridge. In this case, you should check the print head or cartridge, recognize the issue and fix it. In addition, these two errors are easy to recognize by checking the number of flashes. If you see 14 flashes on your printer, it indicates error 1473, whereas 15 flashes show error 1472.  

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Why does error 1472 and 1473 occur?

When the Canon PIXMA G3000 printer can’t recognize the print head or the cartridge, errors 1472 and 1473 occur. There could be many reasons for not recognizing the cartridge if the cartridge isn’t installed correctly on your Canon printer, or maybe the installed cartridge is not compatible. 

  • Error 1472 – 15 Flashes in Canon G3000 printers 
  • Error 1473 – 14 Flashes in Canon G3000 printers

What is the solution for the 1472 and 1473 error codes?  

Fixing errors in Canon PIXMA G3000 printers requires a few actions to take. First, you’ve to check whether the ink is full in ink tanks or not. Then, reinstall the print head or replace it.        

Check the ink level-

Checking the ink level in PIXMA G3000 series printers is easy because the ink tanks are visible from the front. Thus, see the front of the printer and check how much ink is remaining inside the ink tank. In addition, you can enable the Remaining Ink Notification Settings to get notifications of ink levels on your PC. 

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Enable the Remaining Ink Notification Settings-

  • Open the Canon printer driver setup by opening File > Print.
  • Click Preferences and open Maintenance.
  • Open Remaining Ink Notification Settings. Select Enable in the Remaining Ink Level.
  • Click Set.

Refill ink tanks (if needed)-

If the indicators show that the ink level is low, you definitely should change or refill the ink. Follow instructions to refill ink tanks;

  1. Turn on the Canon PIXMA G3000.
  2. Lift the scanning unit and open the ink tank cover.
  3. Grab the tank cap and remove it.
  4. Unpack the new ink bottle and open its cap.
  5. Align the ink bottle nozzle with a bottle guide and insert it into the inlet.
  6. Refill the ink tank by standing the ink bottle upside down.

Reinstall the print head-

If the ink level is full and the errors 1472 and 1473 are still displaying, then reinstall the print head to clear the error.

  1. On your opened printer, lift the scanning unit.
  2. Press and hold the stop button for 8 seconds to move the print head holder left.
  3. Again, press and hold stop for 5 seconds to move the print head holder right.
  4. Open the ink tank cover and pinch the tabs to open the locking cover.
  5. Pull the print head toward you to take it out.
  6. Wait a while, reinsert the print head, and then close the locking cover.
  7. Make sure this time it’s reinstalled correctly.
  8. Close the ink covers and scanning unit as well. 
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Check the screen and see whether the error has cleared or not.

Replace the cartridge-

If reinstalling the print head still shows the error codes 1472 and 1473, the only option remaining is cartridge replacement. Make sure you’ve purchased a new cartridge. Here’s how to proceed with the cartridge replacement;

  1. Turn on PIXMA G3000 and open its scanning unit.
  2. Press the STOP button for 5 seconds and see whether the print head holder moves and repeat the process (Stop button) to move it to the initial position.
  3. Open the left and right side ink cover.
  4. Lift the print head locking cover by pinching it.
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  1. Pull out the cartridge and place it somewhere or inside the box.
  2. Unpack the new cartridge, peel the label and remove all packing tape and plastic.
  3. Take the color cartridge and insert it in the left print head holder and the other (black) in the right print head holder.
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  1. Check the label to install the new cartridge perfectly. 
  2. Close the locking cover and push it down and the joint button.
  3. Push down the ink tank covers and close the main unit.

We hope your Canon PIXMA G3000 Series does not encounter the error print head or cartridge error 1472 or 1473. If your screen is still showing the error, contact the Canon printer service center.

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