Fix Error Code 6004 For Canon Printer

Fix Error Code 6004 For Canon Printer

There are a good number of Canon printers available, and each has its specialty. Whenever an error occurs in the Canon printer, it gives a sign by showing an error code. Every code displayed on the canon printer screen and computer indicates the possible cause. In such cases, the error stops printing scanning or may slow down the other process. You may also experience different issues. In this blog, we’ll discuss the error code 6004 that you may have seen on your screen, and that’s why you have reached this page. Right? Let’s not talk about other matters and directly jump to the possible solutions of the error code 6004 for the Canon printer. 

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Why do you see error 6004 in the Canon printer?

Canon printer finds this error mostly when a different material is left inside the machine. It could be scraps of paper, push pins, or anything else. So, anytime you see the 6004 code on the printer display or PC screen, it’s something inside your machine, and you’ll require to take it out.

How to solve error code 6004?

To fix the error code 6004 in the Canon printer, you need to remove the unknown material from the machine inside. Go through the below steps to solve the issue;

Step 1. First of all, turn off your Canon printer. Then, disconnect all the connections by unplugging the USB, power cable, and others.

Step 2. Lift the cover or scanning unit to find the stuck material.

Step 3. Use a light small or flash and see whether any paper scrap, paper clips, binder clamps, or other foreign material.  

Step 4. If you got the material stuck inside, pull it outside to remove it. See below “take out paper jam” instructions.

Step 5. Close the opened cover or scanning unit.

Step 6. Reconnect all components of your Canon printer and turn it back on. 

If the material is jammed inside under the print head holder

When you couldn’t take out the material, and it’s stuck inside the print head holder, then follow the below points;

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  • Ensure your Canon machine isn’t connected to power.
  • Also, make sure the cover or scanning unit is lifted.
  • Analyze the material’s (paper or other) position and move the print head holder to the right or left by holding its top and sliding slowly.
  • Hold the stuck material and pull it out.
  • Suppose anything is still left inside the printer. Close the cover and reopen, then take out the left material.

If the material is the stuck backside of Canon printer

Sometimes the front is clear of the Canon machine, but the paper is jammed in the rear. If it’s the situation, go through the below steps;

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  • On the rear side of the Canon printer, open its rear tray cover.
  • Lift the paper support and withdraw the rear cover.
  • Now, take out the stuck material slowly from the rear.
  • You can also detach the transport unit cover to remove the jammed material paper.
  • Now, reconnect everything to its initial position. 

You can now print with a canon machine if you get the issue resolved. If you see the error code 6004 and there is no stuck material inside, then you should take your Canon printer model to the service center.  

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