How to resolve Canon Printer Error C000?

How to resolve Canon Printer Error C000?

Predominantly encountered in the Pixma series of the renowned Canon printers, the error C000 signifies your Canon printer has been affected by some internal system fault leading to an irregular and dysfunctional behavior. Error C000 impacts not one but several Canon printer utilities, hence getting annoying to the owners.

However, this error can be treated well and gotten rid of using some simple tricks discussed further.

Resolving Techniques

Check out the various methods to prevail over the Canon Printer Error C000, given below:

Ensure removing the packing material

remove packing.png

On having discovered the fault due to error C000 in your printer during its very first use, you are not supposed to stress upon it, as some of the packing material may have been left unstripped from the internal parts of your printer. Therefore, you need to open the door of your printer and check if any packing polystyrene or tape is still stuck to any surface within your printer. If you find any wrapping left unstripped, ensure removing it immediately and close the printer door. Then, recheck whether your printer is working well or not.

Check if the ink tanks are adjusted well

ink tank seating.png

Another easiest measure you can take to avoid C000 error in your Canon printer is to check whether the ink tanks in your printer are properly settled or not. Also, even if they are seated well, try unseating them and then reseating the ink tanks once again to make sure there is no issue with their respective seating. This may quickly resolve the C000 error in your printer.

Check whether your cartridges are full or empty

check cartridge.png

In some cases, your empty ink cartridges may have resulted in the occurrence of error C000 in your Canon printer. If you happen to come across this issue, consider a glance at your printer’s ink cartridges. Open the printer door, and take out the cartridges one by one to check if there is any link left or if the ink cartridges are out of ink. In case if there’s no ink, replace your ink cartridges with the new ink cartridges.

Clean the internal space of your printer

avoid paper jam.png

Ever had to go through a paper jam issue with your printer? This paper jam issue is directly related to error C000 in your Canon printer. This usually occurs when the paper feed of your Canon printer gets jammed due to the debris and paper bits stuck in the path that cause obstruction while getting a printout on the paper.  This can be got over by removing the debris, waste, paper clips, and bits of paper from the internal areas, including the feed path of your Canon printer. Once done, turn on your printer to check if it started working or not. By doing this you ensure the efficient performance of your printer and get the desired output. Cleaning your printer beholds the secret of a proficient printer for your day-to-day uses.

However, if this doesn’t work out, you need to continue with the next step to come out of this kind of printer error.

Reset Canon printer

canon Hardware setup.png

Resetting your printer may turn out to be the effective method of overcoming error C000 in your Canon printer.  The process is the easiest practice where you will need to turn off your printer, disconnect the complete hardware from the power supply and wait for about 5 minutes. Then, reconnect the entire device setup to the power outlet and then turn your printer on. Now attempt a test print to check if the error C000 has vanished.

If none of the above methods works out in getting over the C000 error in your Canon printer, you are recommended to consider contacting the Canon printer customer support, available to address all your issues and suggest best of the solutions.   

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