How to Solve Canon IRD-500 Printer Problem?

How to Solve Canon IRD-500 Printer Problem?
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Is your Canon IRD-500 Printer facing issues while performing? This article discusses the various methods to deal with frequent errors, like paper jams and staple jams that you come across in Canon IRD-500 Printer’s display panel.

Resolving Canon IRD-500 Printer issues

Given below are the issues with their solutions to get over them in Canon IRD-500 Printer. The jotted points will enable you to deal with issues effortlessly.

Paper Jams

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Your Canon IRD-500 Printer often gets into the paper jam issue while performing a printing job. The screen of the printer lets you know through an indication the area where the paper jam has occurred. To overcome the issue, you need to carefully get through the instructions being given to you on your screen and follow the same until you act according to the instructions. The jamming issue is displayed on the screen until it gets cleared up completely.

  1. On completing the instructed process, you will be required to press the close button. You will then be able to proceed with further operations such as scanning and setting modes.
  2. If the paper jams have occurred in several locations, you need to keep following the instructions on the display panel of your Canon IRD-500 Printer.
  3. As soon as the paper jam issue gets resolved, the printer then begins to calculate the copies it will have to print. You will not have to re-enter the number of copies you want to print, even if you are about to print copies in different sets.
  4. The paper jam in the feeder section will not be causing an obstruction in your task, and you can continue with your printing job even when it’s there.
  5. It may possibly happen that the screen shows up the location of the paper jam which actually is not affected by the jam. However, you still need to check and recheck the locations in the order it is being displayed as suggested jam areas within the printer.
  6. As soon as you get rid of the paper jam issue in your printer, you need to make sure to place the covers of the different sections of your printer back to their original positions so as to make your printer work again.

Staple Jams

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Your Canon IRD-500 Printer may also get the staple jam issue, and that would soon reflect on the display panel of your printer, similar to paper jams in different locations. The screen will then tell you the instructions to overcome staple jam. Given below is the procedure to deal with the staple jam issue in your printer.

  1. Get the staple case of your printer out.
  2. Keep it upside down with its metallic part downwards in the front of the case.
  3. The row with the staple jam needs to be slid and taken outside.
  4. Now, the staple case you removed need to be placed back to its original position. Make sure, when you place it back, the metallic portion clicks, which will assure it has been fixed firmly.
  5. Close the front cover of the printer and put down the lifted panel.
  6. These steps should help your get rid of both of these issues and keep them away for a longer duration.

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