IJ Setup Canon


IJ Setup Canon

  • Select Set Up tab.
  • Provide your Canon printer model, press enter.
  • Click Start.
  • Select operating system from bottom left.
  • Click Download.
  • Depending on your browser type, click Save File, Save, or Run.
  • Run the ij setup Canon installer and follow on-screen prompts.

Canon Printer ij start setup Guide

To install and run the IJ Canon Setup, follow the guidelines shown on this page, including Canon ij start setup download, installation, connecting to the wireless connection, and more. You can use the Canon IJ utility for print and scan. Once you install the Canon ij setup successfully, you can utilize multiple functionalities effectively for high-quality printing.

Downloading IJ Setup Canon

How to download canon ij start setup?

In the below process, steps to download canon’s latest printer drivers and software are shown;

Canon ij drivers & downloads –

download canon drivers

  • Launch an updated web browser on your computer.
  • To access canon ij start setup download site, go to ij.start.canon.
  • Click on the “Set up (Start Here)” tab from the Canon home page.
  • See your printer’s front or top to find the model name.
  • Type the Canon printer model and click Go.
  • Click Start.
  • Select your language and region.
  • Click Download to start ij setup download.
  • Select Save or Save File according to browser type.
  • The Canon printer drivers will download now.
  • Double-click to install ij setup canon.

Setting up Canon inkjet printer

These guidelines will show you steps to set up your Canon inkjet printer. Read and follow all mentioned instructions. 

How to set up Canon ij hardware

  • Unpack your Canon ij printer product packaging.
  • Locate the printer on the clean surface close to your computer.
  • Make sure your system like PC, Laptop is turn on.
  • In case your system already has older printer drivers, remove them all as they can be corrupted.
  • Connect your Canon model to the power cord via a power cable port.
  • Load paper sheet on input paper tray.
  • Install Printhead.
  • Install Ink Cartridges.
  • Download and Install IJ Setup Canon drivers.

How to install and set up Canon ij software

Canon ij setup is available for Windows and macOS both, however, steps to install ij start setup may vary. Therefore, we’ve mentioned complete steps to set up canon ij printer software on Windows and macOS.  

Canon ij printer setup for windows –

  • Uninstall all conflict printer drivers available on your system.
  • Use any of the official sites like ij.start.canon to download ij setup.  
  • Turn on your Canon printer and open WiFi and device settings.
  • Choose LAN setting and tap OK.
  • A Lamp will start flashing, thus select a known WiFi network.
  • Enter WiFi password in WEP or WPA key prompt.
  • Connect your Windows PC and canon printer to the same network.
  • Install your Canon ij start setup for Wireless, or Wired, or USB connection.
  • Read and agree with the Canon software license terms.
  • Follow on-screen prompts to complete canon installation for Windows.  

IJ Setup Canon for macOS –

  • Open canon.com/ijsetup on the web browser.
  • Provide your Canon printer model, click next.
  • Click Start.
  • On the canon ij setup download page, select macOS on the operating system list.
  • Click Download and click Save File if prompt.
  • Connect your macOS and printer to the same network connection.  
  • Use finder to locate the recently downloaded PKG file.
  • Run the installer for ij start setup.
  • Read and accept Canon printer software License Agreement.
  • Choose a connection type like Wireless, Wired LAN, or USB. 
  • Open the Apple menu, select System Preferences, and follow instructions.
  • If you see a green checkmark on your device screen, you are ready to print.  

Establish a WiFi& Wireless Connection on Your Canon ij Printer Product

Canon printers should be connected to the same WiFi connection that your operating system is connected to. Here, we’ll discuss two methods to establish and connect WiFi on your printer, you can follow one to start a canon ij printer.


canon wireless connection set up
canon wireless connection set up

Method 1- Wireless LAN Setup:

  1. To start with the network configuration process, turn on the Canon product.
  2. Check whether your printer’s Power LED light has become steady.
  3. Push the Menu button.
  4. Within few minutes, you’ll see the Network Settings, therefore, tap on Wireless LAN Settings.
  5. Open the SSID Settings and select an Access Point. 
  6. Click on the network name you wish to connect with.
  7. Provide the known WiFi security key.
  8. If the “Connected” message prompt on Canon printer, tap OK.
  9. Now, install ij setup canon drivers to get started with Canon printer.

Method 2- WPS Push Button:

  1. You can connect your Canon printer to a wireless network via the WPS Push button.
  2. Before you start the Wireless connect, ensure your printer and the operating system met all conditions.
  3. The network would be WPA or WPA2 security protocol.
  4. Initially, turn on your Canon printer.
  5. Press the WiFi button to set up a successful network connection.
  6. Wait for the blue lamp (WiFi) flash to be steady.   
  7. On your wireless router’s rear, push the WPS button.
  8. Look for Canon printer status to show successful WiFi connection.
  9. The green lamp will flash steadily, so press OK.
  10. Install canon ij start setup on your computer.
  11. Load papers on the input paper tray and install an ink cartridge to start print.

Install ij setup canon with USB connection –

  • You can either use the installation disc shipped with your canon printer or download the Canon ij setup online from the manufacturer’s site like canon.com/ijsetup.
  • Install the specific software file associated with the canon icon and click the Start Setup tab.
  • Click Next.
  • Read all the canon setup license agreement terms and click YES. Installation may get an error if you choose NO.
  • Read and accept the data on Extended Survey Program window.
  • Choose Agree or disagree.
  • Please Allow All Install Wizard Processes windows will appear, click Next.
  • Select connection method on next screen. It means click on the USB connection method.
  • Wait for ij Canon setup to be installed.
  • You’ll be prompted to connect a USB cable. Hence, take a USB cable and plug it on the side into the computer port.
  • Connect the other side of the USB cable into the Canon printer’s rear. 
  • On your computer screen, a message with ‘USB is connected’ will show.
  • Connect your PC and printer to a network connection and follow on-screen instructions.
  • At last, choose other software from the shown list if you wish to install other ij setup canon software.
  • Click Exit to finish the installation with USB.  

Canon Print App setup installation: Wireless printing

Canon print app setup on Android –

  • You can use Inkjet or Selphy app for setting up your Android and canon printer.
  • It’s the wireless method to directly print from your smartphone.
  • On your android device, launch the Google Play store.
  • Search for Canon print Inkjet/Selphy app and tap install.
  • Install the application on your Android.
  • Open the Canon print app and tap on the Document Print.
  • Select the document you wish to print from the Canon printer.
  • Customize the print setting if you want to change it.
  • Select the nearby printer from shown list.
  • See preview and tap Print to start document printing.  
  • You can also use the app to monitor the print operation status. 

Set up Canon print on iPhone –

  • Start ij canon with the AirPrint feature with iPhone.
  • Ensure your iPhone is updated.
  • Check whether your Canon printer is connected to the WLAN network.
  • Either look for the already instilled print app or download it from the apple store.
  • Next, tap on the Operation icon and open display menu options.
  • Tap print and select the available Canon printer from shown list.
  • Select the number of copies you want to print from the Canon paper tray.
  • You can also choose a range or select all pages.
  • Finally, tap print.

In case you face any issues during printing or even downloading ij setup canon to start the installation or any other issue, you should try a reinstallation of canon ij setup, simultaneously, check on your printer, paper jamming should not be happening, if this, clean ink and pull papers from the paper tray.