Ij.start.cannon –

  • Go to ij.start.cannon site.
  • Click “Set Up”
  • Enter your Cannon printer model (See printer’s front or
  • Click “Start”
  • Select your device type, for example, Windows
  • Click “Download”
  • Choose the “Save File” option
  • You can choose Canon setup for Windows 10 in S mode as
  • Double-click on win-xk90-1_0-n_mcd.exe
  • Install cannon software and start your printer.

Enter Printer Model at ij.start.cannon 

Canon printer models are ideal for Office and home use as they offer numerous advanced printing features, so users can obtain high-quality printing documents. Canon printers are worthy as these models offer multiple connectivity options, including WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, and application for wireless printing. Therefore, you have the choice to start a canon printer from an official website like “ij.start.cannon.” Look for your Canon printer model in front or top, or find the serial number on the rear to move forward.

Start downloading Canon printer setup on your current computer device, for it;

  • Visit ij.start.canon
  • Enter your Cannon printer model
  • Download drivers
  • Install Canon ij setup.

Establish a WiFi Connection on Your Canon Printer model

Before you access ij.start.cannon site, your printer should be linked to the WiFi, hence see below:

WPS Push Button:

  1. To set up a successful network connection, turn on your Canon printer.
  2. See the Canon model’s operation panel and press the WiFi button.
  3. On your router, press the WPS button and identify your connection.
  4. The printer status will now display the WiFi connection.
  5. Press OK to finish the configuration.
  6. Now, install Canon drivers from ij.start.canon.

Wireless LAN Setup:

  1. Turn on the Cannon printer to commence the network configuration process.
  2. Ensure the Power LED light is stable with a green flash. 
  3. Push the Menu button and wait for the Network Settings screen.
  4. Select Wireless LAN Settings, tap OK.
  5. Open the SSID Settings.
  6. Choose Access Point and click on the network name you are familiar with.
  7. Enter WiFi security key.
  8. Tap OK once your Canon printer prompt “Connected.”
  9. Download the printer setup from ij.start.canon and install it.

How do you download Canon printer drivers from ij.start.cannon site?

Canon printer drivers and software are essential to install and set up your Cannon device. Thus you can look for a few options like, check if inbuilt printer drivers are available on your system, download printer drivers online, or use an installation CD, you may have received with your printer.

download Canon Printer drivers
download Canon Printer drivers

Here we’ll discuss how you can download the canon ij setup easily from ij.start.canon site as it’s the official method for cannon; see below –

  1. The beginning step to take is to move ahead with ij.start.cannon. It’s an official, secure platform of Canon where Canon Printer drivers are available to download. Hence, to start with, open an updated and extremely-protected internet browser and type ij.start.cannon carefully in the search address bar. Then, press Enter key and here is the Canon printer home page.
  2. Click the Set Up tab with the printer icon.
  3. You will see a box asking to enter your Canon model name, so type the printer model name and click Go. Below the box, some canon printer models are shown, so you can also choose your device from the shown list.
  4. The next window for your product will turn up on your screen, here click on the Start tab to jump on download window.
  5. You will now see two options, therefore choose A if you want to see how to set up a canon printer. Otherwise, directly choose B option to start Canon printer drivers.
  6. See device compatibly and select an operating system from ij start cannon page’s bottom-left such as windows, macOS, iOS, Chrome OS or Android.
  7. Finally, click the Download tab. In order to this process with ij.start.canon, click on Save File if prompt to start Canon ij setup download.
  8. Depending on WiFi or internet speed, your Canon printer driver, for example, win-xk90-1_0-n_mcd.exe, will be downloaded within a few minutes.       

Recommendation – During the download process from ij.start.cannon, don’t flip between multiple screens because you may encounter hassle due to this.


Set Up Your Canon Printer Hardware –

Users have two options to set up their printer hardware before downloading Canon printer software from ij.start.canon, or after installing canon ij setup. In both options, the process to set up and configure Canon printer hardware remains the same, thus see below instructions and follow;

  • Open your Canon printer product packaging.
  • Keep the printer near your computer and open your system like PC, Laptop.
  • Select older printer drivers from the Install Application List to remove from your computer.
  • Restart your device and make it ready for a new setup. 
  • If you have macOS, eliminate the previous printer from the saved printer list and add new.
  • Connect you Canon model to the power cord and install Printhead.
  • Install and manage Ink Cartridges.
  • Take a paper sheet or photo paper to load on the paper tray.
  • Install software and drivers for Canon from ij.start.cannon site.
  • Turn on the printer to start printing. 

Step-by-Step Guidelines to Install and set up the Printer Driver

Here is the detailed, step by step concise procedure instructions for your Canon printer driver installation: 

ij.start.cannon Install and set up
ij.start.cannon Install and set up
  1. In case you don’t know where is the customized file location, you require manual installation. Therefore, simply go to downloads folder to run the file you recently downloaded from ij.start.cannon or any other platform.  
  2. Now, find the canon ij setup looks like win-xk90-1_mcd.exe and double click on the canon printer icon.
  3. Start extracting the files by clicking Run and wait for the Canon software main interface to appear.
  4. Verify your region and language you used to purchase the printer that will also operate the software in the same language. If you want to customize, hit the Language tab and choose one to operate printer software, then click Next.
  5. It’s time to set up a connection, thus choose either a USB connection or Wired Lan connection or wireless connection option from displayed screen to complete the installation.
  6. If you have a USB cable, connect one side to the computer and plug another side into Canon printer’s rear. You can also use another two methods of wireless or wired LAN to connect your printer and PC in the process of ij.start.canon setup.  
  7. You will see a License agreement window now turning up on your system display. It’s important to read each statement that Canon software is saying to agree. Grant the software to run the installation by clicking on ‘Yes, I Agree’ option to step forward in ij start cannon process.
  8. Now, follow on-screen instructions to complete the Canon printer set up. At last, you will see the Test Print screen, which means your printer installation is completed.
  9. Now, put some A4 size paper sheet on the paper tray to start printing. Click Execute button to print your document on a page that will ensure the steps has carefully done via ij.start.cannon.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q. How do I set up my Canon printer?

Set up and configure your Canon printer hardware by unpacking it and connect to your computer, then download Canon printer drivers from ij.start.canon and install it. At last, connect to a network connection and start printing.

Q. How to connect my smartphone to canon printer?

Download Canon print app from the app store and install on your smartphone, then select Add Printer option and register your canon model. Connect the smartphone to the canon printer via a wireless network and start printing.

Q. What to do if I’m facing error with Canon printer software installation?

Check whether your device has latest canon printer drivers or not. Remove the older printer drivers and re-download and re-install Canon drivers from ij.start.cannon.   

  1. How to reset the Canon printer to its factory default settings? 

Follow steps –

  • Press Setup.
  • Navigate to Device settings, press OK.
  • Navigate to Reset setting, press OK.
  • Tap Reset all, press OK and click Yes.
  • Press OK to reset canon printer.