Canon Printer Setup

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Go through the webpage, click Set Up and start the Canon ij printer setup process. If you have a Canon inkjet printer (wireless or wired), setting up the complete printer is easy. To download canon printer drivers and install them on your pc, visit canon.con/ijsetup and follow instructions.

What is

It’s an online platform and canon support site to help you set up your printer. The user manual you receive with the printer will tell you to visit canon/ijsetup and download relevant drivers and software. This platform additionally provides complete guidelines for different Canon printers, including Maxify, Pixma, MegaTank, Professional inkjet etc.    


  1. Visit site.
  2. Click on the Set Up tab.
  3. Enter the Canon printer model (see from printer’s top or front).
  4. Or you have the option to find your model from the given list.
  5. Click on Start in front of the Canon printer model image.
  6. Select an option (B) to find the appropriate software.
  7. Click Download and double click to install Canon ij setup. 

Start with Canon Printer Hardware Set Up  

Take the first step of canon printer setup and unpack the printer hardware with the below steps:-

Step 1– Unbox the Canon IJ printer.

Step 2– Remove all packaging.

Step 3– Look for each component mentioned in the manual.

Step 4– Connect cables and power cord to the printer.

Step 5– Press the Power button and turn on the Canon printer.

Step 6– Install ink cartridge and set up paper input tray.

Step 7– Load fine papers and install the printer software.

Get Started to Your Canon inkjet printer

  • Step 1- Unbox the Canon inkjet printer and set up hardware.
  • Step 2- Go to or http:// canon.con/ijsetup.
  • Step 3- Download the latest Canon printer drivers.
  • Step 4- Install the printer software and select connection type.
  • Step 5- Use WiFi or USB to complete the Canon ij setup.

How do I download a Canon printer driver? ​

Method 1 – Use Canon Support site
  1. Visit the Canon support site.
  2. Enter the Canon model name on the shown box.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. You can see printer image now, click Drivers & Downloads.
  5. Select download DriversSoftware or Firmware, as per requirement.
  6. Click Download and save the Canon ij setup file. 

Method 2 – Download software from

  1. With this method, you’ll get the most updated drivers and software for your Canon printer.
  2. Open webpage.
  3. Click on “Set Up (Start Here)” to start with canon/ijsetup.
  4. Follow any of below –
  • Enter your Canon model on shown box and click Go, or,
  • Select the model’s first letters and click on the product name.
  1. When the printer image appears, click Start.
  2. Select operating system from top/bottom of the page.
  3. Click on Download to get appropriate software for the Canon printer.  

How to install Canon printer software?

Here’s how you can install the downloaded software:-

  1. Connect your Canon printer to a network connection.
  2. Ensure canon.con/ijsetup gets you the latest printer software.
  3. The installation will start automatically. If not, follow the next step.
  4. On your PC or Laptop, go to Downloads and double-click on the canon/ijsetup file.
  5. Click Start Setup.
  6. Read and accept printer software license terms to continue.
  • If you are installing canon printer software on mac, then enter mac admin user ID and password when asked.
  1. connection method window will prompt, hence select one – wireless or USB.
  2. Follow on-screen prompts to complete the Canon printer software installation.

How to connect Canon printer to WiFi?

Connecting Canon printer to a network connection is essential, therefore check the below steps and follow carefully:-


– Firstly, turn on your Canon inkjet printer.

– Make sure you already have a wireless router.

– You can now continue with the WPS push button or WPS PIN code method.

– We are going through the WPS push button process.

– Hence, press the “Start” button.

– Press the “WiFi” button and wait for it to flash quickly.

– Just after, press and hold the “WPS button” on the router.

– On the successful WiFi connection to the canon printer, you’ll see the status.

– Now install software from

How do I setup my Canon printer wirelessly?

Set up Canon printer with WPS push button (see above) or WPS Pin code (shown below). Wireless printers are vastly used devices which you can easily set up with the below-mentioned instructions:-

Canon printer Wireless set up for Windows –
  • Turn on the Canon ij printer and check the status.
  • Press the WiFi button, then push the Color button.
  • Visit or https:// canon.con/ijsetup to download software.
  • Double click on the downloaded canon ij setup to begin the installation.
  • Once the User account control prompt, click Yes.
  • Click Start Setup.
  • Continue set up by choosing country and license agreement.
  • Select Wireless LAN connection on the next window.
  • Tap Connect via wireless router and go next.
  • Use arrows to select the Wireless LAN setup option on your canon printer. 
  • Select WPS and Pin code, then set up a connection.
  • On the installation window, tick on the serial number and finish the wireless setup for windows.

Canon printer Wireless setup for mac –

https:// -mac
  • Ensure the Canon printer is turned on, then check the printer status.
  • Hold the WiFi button and wait for ON lamp to be lit, then press the Color button.
  • Push the WiFi button and connect the printer to a connection.
  • Download Canon printer software from https:// canon/ijsetup or
  • Execute the setup file and click Next.
  • Enter mac ID password and click Install Helper.
  • Next, select Wireless LAN Connection.
  • Choose Connect via wireless router option.  
  • See and verify the printer serial number.
  • You can add the printer to your Mac device.

The Setup Complete screen appears after canon printer installation

How to use USB cable to set up Canon printer?

The USB connection method is a basic installation way for Canon inkjet models. Set up Canon printer via USB cable by following the below steps:-

  1. Insert the CD ROM came with your Canon printer, or visit
  2. Then, select the latest printer software version at canon.con/ijsetup to download.
  3. If the USB is connected, disconnect it now.  
  4. Launch ij printer Full Driver & Software Package.
  5. Click Start Setup.
  6. The installer will take a few minutes.
  7. Select country, accept the license agreement and click USB connection.  
  8. The printer connection screen appears, so connect the USB cable to Canon printer’s rear and computer as well.
  9. Turn on the printer and adjust the paper tray.
  10. Select Align Print Head on the installation screen and follow further instructions to complete the USB cable setup.

How to add Canon Printer to your computer?

If you’ve downloaded and installed Canon printer software, but it’s not added to your PC device list yet, then follow the below steps to add Canon printer:-

On Windows PC, Laptop:

  • Ensure the Canon printer setup is done using, and it’s ready to use.
  • Open “Start Menu” and open “Settings.”
  • Click on “Devices” and select “Printer and Scanners.”
  • Now, select “Add the printer or scanner” option.
  • Enter your canon printer model to add.
  • Connect your Windows PC, laptop to the same network as the Canon printer.  

On Mac OS:

  • Open “System Preferences.”
  • Click on “Printers & Scanners.”
  • Tap on the ‘+’ symbol.
  • Select your Canon printer model from the available list and add it.
  • Connect the Mac OS and printer to a network. 

How do I install my Canon printer with a CD?

Canon printers come with an installation CD, just in case if you can’t access the Canon support site. Here’s how you can install your Canon printer with CD ROM:-

  • Insert the Canon printer setup CD into the computer DVD port.
  • The Canon ij setup program starts automatically.
  • You can double-click on the Canon icon or Msetup4.exe to begin the installation.
  • AutoPlay screen will ask to run Msetup4.exe, click YES.
  • Click Easy Install or Install. (setup from canon/ijsetup may vary steps)
  • Select the connection method via USB and follow the prompts.
  • Once you see the printer connection window, plug in the USB cable.
  • Follow onscreen instructions to install Cd setup for canon ij printer

We recommend you to use canon.con/ijsetup site to download canon printer software and install it on your PC as it’ll provide all new features for your Canon inkjet printer.

Benefits with Canon inkjet printers in 2021 –

  • Multiple options are available when you purchase a Canon inkjet printer.
  • Ij printers are Ideal for homes.
  • These are the combination of photos, graphics and text.
  • Good choice for image-heavy documents  
  • Helps with cards, brochures, school projects, scrapbook pages, and more.
  • Easily available on retail stores as well as Canon support.
  • Software are easy to download from
  • Inkjets take up less space in Canon printers.
  • Better connectivity and Paper Handling, and more.

How do I get my Canon printer to print?

To start the printing process with your Canon model, follow below:-

  1. Make sure appropriate printer software is installed on your PC.
  2. Or you can install the printer software from canon.con/ijsetup.
  3. Turn on your Canon printer machine.
  4. Load suitable paper on the paper input tray.
  5. Open a document on your computer or laptop.
  6. Open the printer properties dialog.
  7. Press Ctrl P or click Print on the file menu.
  8. Customize the Canon print setting if you want to.
  9. Click Print to start printing.

Canon printer support is available at, however the steps shown on this website will assist you in setting up your Canon printer completely. To find online manuals, you can also visit site.