Canon Printer Driver Installation Guide

Visit to download Canon printer driver and install into your device to make your printer work. Canon is a renowned printer brand that offers a range of multifunctional printers equipped with the features to make your printing experience smooth and effortless. The Canon printers, apart from printing, enable you to scan, copy, and fax your documents, according to the Canon printer model you choose. They have an easy-to-use interface which makes your printing amusing.

When you purchase a Canon printer model of your choice and budget, you first need to complete its hardware setup, which includes unpacking all the parts and accessories such as toner, cartridges, Fuser unit, and more you receive in the package. You must ensure inserting the ink cartridges on their allotted space, the ink tray, and set up all the hardware connections.

Next, you need to install the setup on your PC or any device to make the printer functional. You can download the Canon printer setup by opening the URL on your Windows or macOS. The printer setup downloading and installation requires you to follow few simple steps.

Preparations for Canon Printer Setup Installation

Your device in which you are installing the driver requires you to take some significant measures before going about the process. You need to prepare your system to avoid any interruption while installing Driver. The pre-installment measures you need to take include the following steps:

  • Your system needs to have enough space to let the download and installation take place without any disruption.
  • The next important step to begin with the process requires you to have a stable and secure internet connection that doesn’t break amid downloading of setup. driver download needs high-speed internet and can’t be downloaded on a public connection.
  • Check for your browser to be free of cache files, history, cookies, etc. If not make it free.
  • You should know the operating system and its version on your device you are installing driver into so that you end up downloading a compatible driver.
  • Make sure all the cables and wires of your Canon printer are firmly connected. A loose connection may affect your installation process adversely.
  • The prompts occur in between that ask you to make changes to your system. Accept it and go on.
  • If you receive a message asking to remove a firewall blocking, unblock it.
  • Login to your system as an administrator to perform the installation.

Establishing a stable internet connection to install driver

This is the most imperative step before beginning with downloading, installing and running driver on your system. This process demands a secure and strong internet connection to make the process a successful one. It’s on you to select the type of network you prefer to begin the process according to what your printer demands. You can establish a secure internet connection for an uninterrupted installation of the driver.  To begin with, follow the steps given below:

WPS Connection

WPS Connection method is the widely used method, and also the easiest technique of establishing a connection. You just have to follow few steps to do with the connection. This method can only be applied if your router has a WPS button. The steps involve the following:

  • Switch your printer on to start with the development of the internet connection through WPS.
  • If the screen of your printer is turned off, press the Copy button to turn the screen of your printer on.
  • Check if there is a Wi-Fi button available along with other buttons on your printer. Once you find the Wi-Fi button, press it to switch it on.
  • Press and hold the WPS button on your router for the span of at least two-minutes.
  • Release the button and check on your printers screen. You will see a network status as Connected, if not wait for a while until it confirms the secured connection.
  • Press OK to complete the connection process.

Wireless LAN Connection

The wireless LAN connection method is a standard method of setting up an internet connection. This method takes a bit of time more to establish a connection and includes quite a few steps more. This method of internet connection is applicable for all the routers and printers.

  • To start with the connection, switch on your Canon printer and tap on the “Menu” button. To check whether on or off you can see the power light. If it blinks green the printer is switched on.
  • Now press the “Menu” button on your printer. The network settings will be opened on screen.
  • The network settings page will display various options to establish connections. Select Wireless LAN.
  • Tap on the “Standard Setup” option to begin the search for the available networks.
  • Select your network connection enlisted among other available networks within the specified range displayed on screen.
  • Select the SSID and enter the correct security password to get an access.
  • Now press OK to confirm the connection establishment.
  • You printer is now connected to the available network and the connection successful message will display on your screen.

Downloading driver is a one-click source to the Canon printer driver window. The installation of the Canon printer driver is a step following the quick and convenient download through On this web address, you will be able to easily find your printer model drivers. You can download driver using the steps as follows:

  • The downloading of the Canon printer driver needs you to launch on the web browser accessible and compatible with your operating system version.
  • Enter URL in the address field of your web browser and proceed with the downloading process.
  • Enter your printer model in the search option at the top and find the most compatible Canon printer driver you can download and install in your system.
  • You may get to view a printer setup screen instead of getting a download link. In that case, press the start button and follow the instructions on the screen to prepare your printer. Check on the video and click “Next” to proceed further.
  • Now click on the “Connect” tab at the lower-right corner.
  • You can now see a download link. Click on the link, to begin with the downloading of the driver.
  • Wait for the driver to complete the downloading process.

Downloading driver

Having the driver downloaded, your system now requires you to install the driver into it to start with the printing and other functions. To begin with, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Click on a setup driver file, just downloaded, to launch it.
  • A prompt appears asking you permission. Grant permission and make the installer Run on your system.
  • Moving further from the welcome window you will be prompted to establish a link between printer and system. Choose a preferred method, and follow the instructions on the screen to build a connection.
  • Next, make a selection for the printer from the available options enlisted.
  • Now click on the checkboxes to select the Canon software you want to install in your system.
  • Go through the software license terms and accept.
  • Execute the test printing to make sure your driver is installed successfully and your printer is connected appropriately to your device.
  • Complete the required functions and finish the installation process of the driver.

How to print with your Canon printer after setup installation?

The Canon printers are available with the multi-functionality option to ease down your documentation needs whenever you require it. Printing with the Canon printer is a convenient and quick method providing you a grand printing experience. You need to keep a check on the ink capacity of the printer on a timely basis. Keeping pace with it will let you avoid any complications in your printing job.

Before beginning to print you are required to add a printer to your device after a setup installation.

  • Add a printer to your device, using the steps given below:
    • Click on the Start button on your desktop and go to Control Panel and click on Hardware and Sound option.
    • Next, select the “Devices and Printer” option to reach the device window.
    • Now click on the “Add a Printer” option on the top. This will begin your system to search for your printer. Having connected to your system firmly, the printer will then be displayed in the search result.
    • If you are still not able to find the printer enlisted, you can click on the “Printer not in list” link. Choose the printer from the list and follow the prompts.
  • Load the A4-sized paper sheets in the paper tray and install ink cartridges to make the texts, or pictures printable.
  • Open a document or a picture you want to print and send your printer a Print command. It can be done by clicking on the File section on the top left of the document. You can also print using a shortcut key “Ctrl+P.”
  • After sending a print command through the document or a shortcut key you will see a print preview. Check for all the settings and adjustments. Change the settings if required. If there is more than one printer then select the correct printer to print.
  • Now after making changes in the settings confirm to print by hitting the Print button. This will process the command and will then print the page you want to print. driver installation via mobile application

To set up a connection and install driver via a mobile device you need to download Canon’s mobile applications available for the devices like tablets, smartphones (Android and iOS), as well as Chromebooks. Canon has launched not just one but several mobile applications to make printing possible from all mobile operating systems. Some of the applications by Canon include Canon Apple AirPrint, Canon Print Service, Canon Inkjet Selphy App, Canon Pixma Cloud Link, Canon Wireless Direct Printing, Canon Pixma Cloud Link, Canon Google Cloud Print, and more.

Among all the above mobile apps, Canon Inkjet/Selphy app is the most widely used app. With this app installed on your Android or iOS device, you can perform various functions of your printer such as printing, scanning, copying, and more. With this app, you can easily build a connection between a mobile phone and a printer. This app can also be used to customize your printer settings and keep a check on your printer status. Before working on Canon Inkjet/Selphy app, you must first install the Canon Printer setup.

Setting up your Canon printer on your mobile device involves the following important steps:

  • On your smartphone or another smart device open the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Search for the Canon printer app in the search field by entering Canon Inkjet/Selphy.
  • Select the Canon Inkjet/Selphy app and tap on the install button. This gets your mobile app downloaded on your mobile device.
  • Now, on your mobile homescreen, tap on the app icon to open it.
  • The primary window opens up with the license agreement for you to accept. Review the terms and conditions mentioned and tap on the “Agree” button.
  • The next window opens up to ask you to grant permission for the app to use your storage and location. Tap on “OK”.
  • To add your printer to this app, click on the printer icon available at the bottom of the screen. Make sure your mobile device, as well as your Canon printer device, are both connected to the same internet connection. It will help you build a link between your mobile device and your printer; meanwhile, your app will display your printer’s name in the nearby device list.
  • Select your printer and follow the instruction on your screen.
  • This will add your printer to your mobile device.

How to fix not printing issues in Canon Printer?

The factors often responsible for the printing issues include the following

  • When in a queue.
  • When paper gets jammed.
  • The printer’s driver is not updated, out of date
  • Irregular size of papers loaded.
  • Network connection unsecured.
  • The printer incompatible with outdated software.
  • Dust in the printer heads.

Fixing the above-mentioned issues involves the following steps:

  • Firstly, make sure your wireless Canon Printer is set up with the available Wi-Fi connection appropriately.
  • Clear the print queue by clicking on the print menu, to enable the printer to print smoothly.
  • Clean up the jammed papers from the printer head to collect your printouts without any interruption.
  • If your ink is low, replace it with the new ink cartridge to make your printing and other functions efficient.
  • Your Canon printer drivers need to be updated on a timely basis.

If none of the above methods helps you fix your printing and the issue tends to continue, don’t panic, and try resetting your printer by checking all the connections to be proper. If this does not work, consider contacting the customer support team and follow the instructions they give to you.