Samsung to ditch DeX support for Windows 7 and macOS

Samsung to ditch DeX support for Windows 7 and macOS
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Samsung is on the verge of terminating its DeX support for devices working on Windows 7 and macOS in January 2022. Samsung recently updated its website dedicated to DeX with the revelation of putting an end to its support for both of these operating systems. Nevertheless, the DeX support continues in other devices such as external monitors and PCs using Windows 10 as well as Windows 11.

According to the Samsung website’s DeX page, “the DeX for PC service for Mac/Windows 7 OS will be terminated as of January 2022. For any further questions or assistance, please contact us through Samsung Members.”

A similar memo reached out to some of the Mac device owners on Reddit, indicating that the macOS users will be able to use the previously installed DeX on their devices, however, they may not be able to receive further support and updates in the future. No further downloads will be available for the people using these two operating systems after January 2022.

Samsung’s DeX feature is a feature that lets you connect your devices supporting DeX, to monitors and PCs and start using your phone in desktop mode. The DeX interface appears similar to Windows, thus helping users do multitask to complete their work without having to close any of the open applications they are currently working on. This function can be used in Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, which when attached to a keyboard switches to desktop mode. In addition to this, your phone can also be projected in a DeX mode on the supported PCs and monitors.

Most of the PC owners have already made a shift from Windows 7 and mostly use Windows 10, and therefore, the end of support doesn’t matter to the PC owners. Meanwhile, the Mac users using a Samsung device will be required to make adjustments to work upon the upcoming change.

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