Troubleshoot the Abnormal Noise of Canon Printer

Troubleshoot the Abnormal Noise of Canon Printer

Canon printers are popular machines to print, scan, copy and fax functions. Unfortunately, though, users may have some problems just like other devices. Today we’ll discuss the prevalent issue that any Canon printer model may experience, abnormal noise. A canon printer model produces a noise when operating the printing process, called operating noise. Sometimes this noise becomes higher and seems to be abnormal, and then it becomes essential to take action to troubleshoot this issue.    

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Why does your Canon printer generate noise?  

The loud operating sounds or abnormal noise in the Canon printer could have many causes. If the noise is low, you won’t need to do anything as its common. Here are some possible causes of your printer noise;

  • The foreign object inside the printer.
  • Inappropriate paper loaded in the printer.
  • The paper is not loaded properly.
  • A poorly seated ink tank.
  • A dirty encoder film or strip.

How to fix Abnormal Noise in the Canon printer?

If the sound seems high in the canon printer, you should reduce it and get the right cause and fix them all. Here is all the possible solution to reduce the noise.

Foreign Object Inside The Printer

If the printer’s object is stuck, the printer starts producing abnormal noise. To resolve it, open the front cover of the printer and look for vinyl material or paper. If any object is stuck inside, take it out and close the front cover of the canon machine.

Inappropriate Paper

When you load incompatible paper in your Canon printer, the printer screen, and your computer receive an error message. Simultaneously, the machine creates noise and does not proceed with printing. You’ll have to replace the current paper with suitable. Simply, press the Stop button and cancel all commands. Then, load the appropriate papers. Check the user manual to see a list of compatible papers.

Paper Is Not Load Properly

Loading paper properly is very important in Canon printer, otherwise, not just the noise but other issues may also arrive. Hence, make sure you out the paper in the correct way;

  • Open the multi-purpose tray by holding the center of the printer opening.
  • Pull out the auxiliary tray and open the tray extension.
  • Spread the paper guides and load papers facing down.
  • If the stack of paper is touching the tray’s back, align the paper guides.
  • Set the paper type and paper size from settings > Feeder Menu 

Loading papers in the cassette are easy. Pull out the cassette, adjust the paper size and cassette to be the same, and load papers into the paper stack.

A Poorly Seated Ink Tank

If the ink tank of your Canon printer has not seated properly, it may harm your machine, and yes, the noise will, of course, be level up. Therefore, you’ve to check the ink tank and replace the ink tank;

  • Open the paper output tray in the Canon printer.
  • The machine should be turned on.
  • Lift the document cover and open the ink cover.
  • Remove the ink tank with fast flashing by pushing the ink tank and lifting it.
  • Insert the new ink tank and press on its top to install it successfully. Ensure the lamp lights are red.  
  • Close all the covers.

A Dirty Encoder Film Or Strip

The encoder film helps the printer determine the carriage position when an operation is at work. Some uncommon tasks, such as the jammed paper removal and others make, inadvertently touch a lubricated area on the chassis and deposit grease onto the timing strip and the encoder film becomes dirty. In such a situation, your Canon printer creates abnormal noise and may also affect print quality. To clean it, follow the below instructions;

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  • Open the output tray gently.
  • Lift the document cover and open the ink cover of your Canon machine.
  • Disconnect the power by unplugging the power cord.
  • Slide print head holder to the right edge.
  • Find the timing strip and inspect it for grease.
  • Remove the grease using moistening the cotton swab with window cleaner.
  • Once you clean the encoder film, gently slide the carriage to the left.
  • Inspect it again and close the ink cover.
  • Close the document cover and reconnect power.
  • Test a document to check the print quality.   

With all the above fixes, check back your Canon printer to see whether its sound is normal. 

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