Troubleshooting Canon Selphy CP1200 Problems

Troubleshooting Canon Selphy CP1200 Problems
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Canon Selphy CP1200 printer is a wireless Compact Photo Printer model. This portable model can print up to 54 pictures with a single charged battery through the Canon Print app or Airprint. Though such printer models are frequent in printing your image docs, you may experience some issues with getting your printer old. Here’s a common issues list and their troubleshooting solutions.

The Printer Screen Is Blank

When the display doesn’t show you anything after turning it on, or it doesn’t respond, you’ll see a blank screen in the printer device.   

Ensure you turn on the printer

Check the power cable whether it’s plugged in or not. Then make sure you’ve successfully installed the battery and hold down the power button to turn on your Selphy CP1200.

How to install the battery in Selphy CP1200?      

  • Move down the button in the Selphy CP1200 front.
  • Open the move battery pack mounting cover.
  • Take out the battery terminal cover.
  • Slide the terminal end to attach the battery pack by inserting the other end.
  • You’ve installed the battery in Canon Selphy.

The power cord hasn’t connected well.

Your printer power cord might cause occurring errors. Now, if you see the power cord is loose or not working, reconnect the power cord to Selphy CP1200.

Battery power issues

Sometimes the Selphy printer doesn’t use the battery because of battery issues. The suitable option to resolve these issues are;

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  • Charge the battery or check if it’s charging or not.
  • You can try an optional battery pack.
  • Reinstall the battery to sort out the issue.

Printing Issues: Device Isn’t Printing  

You select an image and tap print, but no results show in the paper output tray; it indicates an issue in the printer. There can be multiple reasons why your Selphy CP1200 has stopped printing.

Selphy CP1200 has no paper left.  

When your device is out of paper, it doesn’t print anything. Your printer displays the notification to make you aware of the empty paper cassette. Hence, you’ve to feed more papers in Canon Selphy CP1200.

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How to load papers in Selphy CP1200?

  • Make sure papers are of correct sizes, like card size.
  • Open the paper cover and front cover.
  • Take out the cassette and see if it’s empty.
  • Load the paper lying flat and ensure the glossy side is up.
  • Insert the cassette into its place.
  • Close the inner cover and keep the outer cover open.

WiFi is not connected.

If your Canon Selphy model isn’t connected to WiFi, printing an image may cause an issue. Press the menu and open the WiFi settings option to see whether WiFi is connected or not. Then, open the connection settings and retry the connecting network.

No Ink in Selphy CP1200

The cartridge’s low ink level or no ink results in printing errors. Though you’ll see a notification in the printer display, you can also check the level yourself. To fix errors occurring from no ink, you’ve to replace the ink cartridge.

  • Open the ink cassette on the right-hand side.  
  • Lift the eject button and take out the ink cartridge.
  • Add the new ink cartridge to replace it.
  • Close the lid and reprint the document.

Cool Down the Printer

Overheating is a common cause of not printing correctly in any Canon printer. It happens during long time usage without any break. All you have to fix such problems is power off the printer for 6 to 12 hours and let it cool down. Then, turn it on and retry printing.

The source is connected, but no result is shown.

The connected source isn’t printing through your Canon Selphy CP1200 needs a few checks to troubleshoot actions.   

Selphy CP1200 doesn’t recognize the camera or Memory Card.

When you connect the Canon photo printer to the camera and SD card, and it’s not reading the Card or recognizing the camera, confirm a few things.

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· Ensure the camera is turning on and has already charged.

· Check the memory card or reinsert it to fit properly.

· Keep the memory card clean and dust-free.

· Don’t use an incorrect memory card.

Change the print file format.

You may try printing PNG, TIFF, PDF file format, so Selphy CP1200 is encountering printing issues. The Selphy CP1200 allows two main formats – .jpeg or .exif, and we recommend you change the file format before tapping on the Print button. In different devices, i.e., Camera or SD card or tablet, format change setting varies. Hence, try the suitable process to make the format supportive in the Canon Selphy printer.  

Poor Print Quality

The terrible print quality of your photos through the Selphy printer is the consequence of a few factors – incorrect papers, defective print rollers and interruption in printing. When your Selphy CP1200 ink sheet, paper or interior becomes dusty, the print quality gets poor. Don’t Keep the device near strong magnetic fields and adjust the setting according to page size. Also, check the printer drivers’ version on your computer; if it’s older, then install new drivers.

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