Troubleshooting Slow Printing Problems in Canon Printer

Troubleshooting Slow Printing Problems in Canon Printer

The article written here is on Canon printer users based issues where you’ll learn how to deal with slow printing problems. This write-up concludes from the practical solution that users have found useful.   

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Why my Canon is printing slow?

Your canon printer was working smoothly and faster, but suddenly it started printing slow. It could be an issue with any of the Canon printer models. You won’t know the issue until you recognize yourself, though multiple reasons can cause slow printing.

  • Drivers are outdated or missing.
  • The ink cartridge you are using is duplicate.
  • The printer job is large through another system.
  • The printer server is overloaded.
  • Paper is jammed or no ink/toner in the cartridge 
  • Printing preferences are of high quality. 
  • The wireless signal is weak. 

How can I make my Canon printer print faster?

A possible solution for a slow Canon printer is shown here. If the first solution doesn’t fix the slow printing, go for next and so on. Let’s get started without any other discussion;

  1. Clear All Print Jobs

When you start printing in Canon printer and see the process is slow, the first action you should take is to cancel all print jobs. Here’s how to clear it;

Clear/undo print jobs from canon printer –

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  • When you see Canon is taking too much time to print, press Stop.
  • You’ll see a confirmation message on the printer. Tap on Yes.
  • The printer will stop printing.

Cancel print jobs from Windows –

  • Open Control Panel from Start menu.
  • Click on View Devices and Printers.
  • Ensure your Canon printer is set as default.
  • Then right-click and deselect all ports and click OK.
  • Go to Taskbar and click the canon printer icon from the list.
  • Cancel all the tasks and continue.

Cancel print jobs from macOS –

  • Select System Preferences.
  • Select Printers & Scanners.
  • Click on your Canon printer model.
  • Click the Open Print Queue…
  • Click on the unnecessary print job in the print status check screen.
  • Click on the Cancel icon to cancel the print job from macOS.
  1. Lessen the distance between printer and router.

The wireless signal should be strong while the printer is doing its job, and if the wireless router is far from the canon printer, printing or scanning may be slow. In this case, keep your router and canon model close and try to put both in one room (location).

If you see the connection is poor, then use an Ethernet cable to connect the network again and retry whether printing speed increases or not.

  1. Disable Automatic Duplexing

When we talk about duplexing in a printer, it means the model can print from both sides of a paper. Canon printer has automatically enabled this feature which may take more time than usual printing. To enhance the printing speed in the canon model, disable the duplexing when not required.  

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  1. Open the Printer properties.
  2. Select the Device Settings.
  3. Uncheck the box showing Allow Manual Duplexing.   
  4. To finish the setting, press Ok.

If your Canon model doesn’t have duplexing feature, then skip this.

  1. Inactive the Quiet Mode

Canon printers are designed with a feature called Quiet Mode. When this option is active, your printer will print silently without noise. The rollers move slowly in this mode and result in no noise, making the printing process slow. Hence, if you want to speed up the printer and Quiet Mode is active, disable or inactive the mode.

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  • Open the Quiet setting, open Printer properties > Maintenance > Quiet Mode.
  • Select the option Do not use quiet mode.
  • Click Send and click OK when you see a confirmation notice. 
  1. Fix, reinstall or update the printer driver

If the Canon printer drivers are faulty, corrupted or missing, the device print slow or even stops printing. The older printer drivers and software may slow down the printing and scanning process; therefore, it’s important to update your printer drivers’ updates timely. You can take help from a third-party driver updater as well. Otherwise, visit the canon support site ( to download the latest canon printer drivers.

  • Open Device Manager on your system.
  • Choose your Canon printer model.
  • Right-click and select Update driver (software).
  • Select the option – Search automatically for updated driver software.
  • Install printer drivers update on your system.

If the above actions don’t speed up your Canon model printing fast, you should reset your printer once and make it work like a new one. Also, make sure the ink cartridge you are using is original. Duplication parts and components may harm your device.    

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